Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just In Time

My Jaywalkers are done. This makes a total of 6 UFO's that I've completed in August. Thanks to the organizers. This has been a really productive KAL! Thanks.

More details on my blog.


The total was six...oops I mean seven

The deadline oriented person I am I knew I would wait until today to sew the button in the Cousin It bag.
Cousin It doneI've been home sick all day so I then proceeded to finish my third ballband warshrag. ballband 3 done
This one is to be sent to my swap pal. Looks like I will beat that deadline. I know I got more done than I would have this month. I did take on some last minute projects which prevented me from finishing the Ballet Camisole. That KAL ends September 30th I think so I plan to be done by then.

The results are in


*Garter-Stitch Blanket
*Wristlet for swap

Almost finished:
*Fetching #2
(I would have finished this, but I ran out of yarn and the order hasn't arrived yet!)

*French Market Bag

Just In Under The Wire

I just made it but I was able to finish one of my five UFOs. I made this headband for my One Skein Secret Pal using bamboo. I think I'll extend UFO August into September. It was fun!

My WIM's

Want to know why I started UFO August? Because there are SO many wonderful fall projects that I'm dying to make... and yet... I want to make them with somewhat of a clear conscience. What wonderful projects am I dying to make, you ask??? Here are just a few, in no particular order:

Cabled Hoodie -- Patons Street Smart


Must Have Cardigan -- Patons Street Smart


Cabled Pullover with Hood - Patons Chunky Knits


Forecast --


Wanderlust Hoodie -- Interweave Knits Fall 2006


Coral Crossing -- Interweave Knits Fall 2006


Weekend Pullover -- Interweave Knits Fall 2006


Pullover -- Vogue Knitting


Martina -- Adrienne Vittadini Fall 2004 Book


Are we seeing a trend here? Cables? Yes! Hoodies? Yes! Cardigans? Yes! I know it's a long list (actually there are some more that I haven't gotten around to listing yet) and surely I'll have to choose my favorites, but THIS is why I simply could NOT allow myself to start casting on without finishing some of my current (and archived) projects.

Not pictured but still in mind are a pair or two of flap top mittens for football season (in school colors of course) and a really cute sweater with just a little intarsia in one of my magazines that I can't think of right now....


Thanks to the support and encouragement of the KAL members, this month I finished 6 of the projects I had in my baskets.

1. Icarus
See finished shawl

2. Linen Feather and Fan Stole

3. Irish Hiking Scarf

4. Must Have Cardigan

5. Blue Socks

6. Laura Ingalls shawl

A present for a young friend, here modelled by Snow White's evil witch bearing a tomato a poisioned apple and by a friendly pirate.

7. Pi Shawl
While this is not an FO, it has turned from UFO to active WIP. All that is left is about 80% of the edging. It requires a great deal of attention compared to what I have these days, so it is slow going. But it IS going now!

8. Birthday Bunnies in Ballarina Suits
No progress

9. Birthday Fairytale Mice
No progress

Unfortunately, I also seem to have acquired a couple of new unfinished projects:

1. A sock, always a good project to have on the needles:

2. And a knit-in-the-car seed stitch soy silk shawl:

But hey, they don't have to be finished until NEXT August, right?

Boo End of August! Yay FOs!

I feel like I can't express enough how great this KAL has been for me. I've been inspired by seeing what you all have finished, and I'm pleased with what I managed to get done. Most of my FOs needed minimal work, but I focussed and did that work and now they're off my UFO list. This may be repetitive, but here's what I finished:
1. KSKS kit
2. Twitterpated for One Skein exchange
3. Baby Bib o' Love
4. Baby Kimono
5. Cascade Fixation socks

I frogged my original Think Pink scarf, but have cast on and nearly finished a new one. In fact, I'm determined to finish it before midnight today. I've also decided to frog the sweater and use the yarn for something else. So my remaining UFOs should be:

1. Clapotis
2. Shadow Shawl
3. Jaywalker #2

And, here's the list I'm most excited to make. My What's Next list:
1. Neal's Christmas 2005 socks
2. MB's Christmas 2005 socks
3. Cozy
4. Mrs. Beeton
5. Stitch Diva Simple Knitted Bodice
6. Loop d Loop Capelet
7. Loop d Loop Paisley Bag
8. One Skein Wonder

I'm not sure if I'm going to knit any Christmas gifts this year, but if so, they'll have to join the queue.

Thanks, everyone, for making this such a productive month!

New Project Wish/To-Do List

Here's what I'm itching to cast on:

For Me:
1. Knitted Bodice - KAL starts tomorrow: making with Brooks Farm Harmony - this one I'm going to cast on without any further finished projects as I figure I earned this one from the nine I did this month!

2. Aelf from Rowan 40 - bought purplish-black Kid Classic to make

3. Hexagon Coat from Knitting Nature- need to decide on wool to use - Lite-Lopi or something else?

I'm only going to start the first one tomorrow. The others will wait until I'm done with that one.

Christmas Knitting
1. Fair Isle reindeer cardigan from Rowan Babies for McKenna (have yarn and buttons)

2. Debbie Bliss Soho purse for Christmas gift - have yarn

3. Jim's Harley sweater - have Burly Spun in black with orange for the accents

4. Peg's garter stitch vest from Classic Knitted Vests book- Karabella Aurora black/white Melange (webcast knitting)

I'm going to start #4 right away as I have to have something to knit for webcasts and I have no other mindless knitting right now. I will finish two more projects before I cast on for #1, but I have to get that one going as I haven't done fair isle before except in class and I may need time to get it done before Christmas.

New Technique Knitting

1. intarsia felting project from interweave knits

Probably won't start this one until some time in the future.

What I Knit during August

I've haven't posted at all since my very first post, because it's been such a busy month. But things went pretty well, even so. I finished my pink lace scarf for the Think Pink Challenge, as well as two cotton facecloths for one of my sisters (sorry, no photos of those--I gave them to her as soon as they were done).

I also made this adorable Teddy Bear Sweater as part of my Fearless Finishing class, which met for four Saturdays at WEBS. Great class--I highly recommend it, especially the teacher, Dori Betjeman. She was wonderful!

And I've made good progress but haven't finished Mon Petit Chou. Here she is, with the front and back of the hipster almost ready to be joined.

Another UFO--the Seraphim Shawl--is about halfway done. It got put on the back burner while I worked on these projects, plus (I know, I should't have) started the Union Square Shawl/Poncho from Weekend Knitting.

This has been a very motivating KAL. I'm sorry I didn't post much, but I enjoyed reading everyone's posts and seeing all your beautiful work.

UFO August Summary and Final List

Summary: 9 finished objects, including the Margery sweater that I frogged. I am very happy with my accomplishments this month and am very glad I participated in UFO August. Thank you Jeanie for the wonderful idea and for letting me participate. I had a great time, believe it or not, and actually learned that I don't hate picking up stitches and seaming as much as I thought I did. I also learned that the best time to do this work is right after finishing the knitting, so this stuff doesn't pile up. It is time consuming, although not really hard. Another thing I want to do is knit more things in the round and/or one piece to avoid this entirely and save time.

Here's my detailed list. Per Jeanie's suggestion, I am going to post my cast on wish list separately and have joined her Two Steps Forward, One Back blog to try to avoid some of this backlog in the future!

1. Finish side seams on Linen Print raglan pullover

2. Fetching fingerless gloves - pick up thumbs off waste yarn and finish

3. Pick up around armholes & sew Louisa Harding tank

4. CeCe in Calmer (coral shade) - last sleeve and back: almost done with sleeve, still need to do back: did find a perfect button at Stitches Midwest for this though

5. Plymouth Napa ballet pullover from Interweave Knits back issue - finish sleeves: still working on this, but I don't really think I like this yarn as it has a funny acrylic-y smell- it will probably visit the frog pond and not return. The yarn was only $20 on Ebay so not a huge loss. Teva Durham messed up with this yarn selection (it's one of her patterns) but I do like the design - kind of like her ballet T except with sleeves.

6. Noah's v-neck Yarn Girls "Mikey Liked It" pullover - finish sleeves and sew

7. Frank's Rowan Plaid vest - pick up neck and do shoulder and side seams

8. Vicki's Jaeger Natural Fleece vest from JB38- pick up neck and do shoulder seams

9. Mia's Yarn Girls Victoria dress - do edging and sew together

10. sew fuschia Cork baby sweater: I thought I had done all five pieces of this cardigan, but it turns out I didn't do the back before; so I did do this on Tuesday night of this week, but have not sewn it

11. sew strap onto Malabrigo felted purse

12. yellow/orange cork garter ridge sweater from Rowan Cork Collection – reknit back neck, seam: I'm still not happy with the way the shoulders fit together on this after multiple reknittings of the front and back - the garter ridge pattern doesn't line up the way it should and I probably should check for pattern errata as I've tried every which way to get this to work. Another candidate for the frog pond.

13. Greek Pullover from Interweave Knits – seam: no progress

14. Noro V-neck – finish last sleeve and seam together

15. Jaeger Natural Fleece V-neck with "fur" trimmed sleeves from JB 38 – pick up neck, seam: no progress

16. Green Gable in Brown Sheep Lilac Haze - almost at just past armholes (top down): however, this yarn split/twisted in one spot, so I laddered down first one stitch (still didn't fix it) then another and finally two more, but it seems this yarn is difficult to fix with the crochet hook method. Bringing it in to my LYS to get ideas - if no hope, I can either rip it back to the bad stitches or frog it entirely. I like working with Brown Sheep cotton fleece, but the splitting is really annoying (and I used addi turbos!)

17. "seashell" Rowan Plaid cabled scarf

18. Bob's Big Wool basketweave cardigan from Men in Knits - almost done with back armholes, need to do started left front; need to do right front, sleeves

19. Debbie Bliss lace/bobble jacket - finish back: no progress, have to rip back a few rows to get the pattern consistent across the back

20. Silky Wool Margery sweater (working on back) Frogged - didn't like this yarn in reverse stockinette stitch in a light color.

My Final FO

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anastasia Socks.

These were originally supposed to be Rapid River Socks, but the yarn just wasn't working with the pattern. Then I tried a sock pattern of my own design, but that wasn't working for me either. I finally made this pattern and through no fault of the pattern design the result is: meh. Full details here.

Final Count

1. Evil FROGGED Details on Blog tomorrow
2. Interweave Knits Eyelet Chemise DONE
3. Mon Petit Chou DONE
4. River Rapid Socks NOW Anastasia Socks DONE
5. The Spirit of the Southwest Shawl DONE
6. My Knock-off Karabella Sweater (haven't blogged this yet) DONE
7. Lucky Clover Lace Wrap FROGGED Details on Blog tomorrow
8. Somewhat Cowl FROGGED Details on Blog tomorrow

So out of eight projects I finished Five and frogged Three. And I am now clear to start new projects with wild abandon.

Thanks for a great August UFO. We should definately do this again next year!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

End of Month Summary

Well, I'm just reflecting on my UFO August progress and I'm overall quite pleased.
Finished: Alpaca Thrummed Mittens, Matilda Jane cardigan, Cabled bedsocks, the felted neckpiece.
I made good progress on Pomatomous socks, but decided not to rush to finish them because I still love the pattern and don't feel pressured to finish them. If I did I'd only start a new pair of socks anyway.
I've decided to frog the barely begun Twisted Float jacket because I don't enjoy the stitch pattern. It's beautiful and heck, I'm as yet undecided whether to stash or destash the Malabrigo. I will also frog the Knitpicks Sock Garden Jaywalkers because the one half a sock is too small and I can't get it over my ankle. I have some striping sock yarn that I may do this pattern in later. The Silk Corset I decided not to work on because it is so body-conscious and I'm losing weight. It can wait. This leaves the Janet Shawl Shrug and I'm not feeling the passion for her. She's really more of a spring/summer item and I'll probably just leave her for next year.

This means, of course, to cast on! DH's fair isle vest in Merino Style, a nice, normal DK weight. And. The. Insane. Dale. Sweater. Knit. On. Size. Two. Needles!

Glutton for punishment! And it starts with 485 sts!!! But, on the fourth row decreases down to more like 350, which is way more manageable.

Wish me luck!

Only One...

I can't believe August is nearly over and I only got to one of my UFOs.

Still, I'm thrilled that I was finally able to finish Scoop du Jour!

There was no good reason for it being put off for so long. It's an easy pattern, it's a nice sweater. I love the juicy raspberry color of the Reynolds Saucy. It fits perfectly.

Not only did I finally knit the button and neck bands, I even made little fabric covered buttons.

I do recommend the pattern. You can't really see the terrific scoop neckline in my photo, but it's quite fetching. It's a "quick" knit, too. Even with having to reknit the fronts (because I picked up the wrong needles), the actual amount of time spent on this project was very small. One could easily knock it out in a week. You know, if you don't keep putting it away for months at a time.

This KAL was a great idea, it's been very helpful in making me a little more mindful of the need to finish the things I start. So, I may go ahead and have my own little UFO September.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My One and Only August UFO

My goal was to finish this wrap for UFO August - hey.... it's only one UFO - but it's a winner. I am absolutely in love with it.

Pattern: Wrap Yourself in Nature, from Inspired Cables, Fiona Ellis

Yarn: 3-ply Prime Alpaca, Musk, approximately 1600 yards

Size 6 needles60" x 17"

Modifications to pattern: This is meant to be knit in two pieces and seamed together in a "V." I knit it straight, in one piece, to the same length as my favorite pashmina.

This Prime Alpaca is the SOFTEST yarn... and very warm. I enjoyed every minute of knitting this yarn and pattern. The cables were fun, and I LOVE the triangled edging.

Now that I've finished it.... I'm kind of cheating, I've frogged a previous UFO (Spring Fling), but used the same yarn to cast on for Prosperous Plum. So, maybe if I'm using UFO yarn, it's not really cheating?

Works for me.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Here is my Finished list of UFO

1) Fan and Feather Shalll for Mil finished will post pic after tommorrow since I am giving it to her.
2) Sock of the month Blue moon... no progress
3) 3 baby sweaters- two for charity one for a friend done.
4) tomten jacket half done
5) weekend sweater no progress
6) blankets 3 for charity little guys
7) Irish Hiking scarf Done
8) two pairs of socks, I have one sock of each pair done... Not bad

Overall I am happy. I also finished my one skein partner project and I started my purse for another swap and a Funky scarf


Almost the End!

I'm hoping to have 1-2 more FOs, but here's the list so far:

1) Jaywalkers socks - DONE!


2) To Bobble or Not To Bobble - RIPPED!
3) Ombre Afghan from Last Minute Knitted Gifts - no progress made
4) Co-Worker Baby Afghan - 2 Mitred squares. 46ish left to go.
5) Ribby Cardi - 9 inches into the back piece. 2 fronts & 2 sleeves to go
6) Tempting II - no *measurable* progress made. I knit about 3 rows on it.
7) Lady Eleanor - no progress made
8) Mystery Stole 2006 - no progress made.
9) Plain Socks on 2 Circs - I don’t care if I finish these. I might actually end up ripping them out as well. I’m just feeling the yarn at this point in time. It doesn’t want to be turned into anything right now. RIIIIIIIIIIP!!
10) River Rapids socks - This is what the plain socks on 2 circs turned into.. I'm 3/4 done with the pair, and I hope to have this finished by Thursday, because it counts in 2 other KALs, as well. ;)
Cloth #1: Monthly Dishcloth August KAL Done! (need a pic)
Cloth #2: LSSK Mystery Cloth KAL Done!

M&M Cloth

Cloth #3: Monthly Dishcloth Mid-Month August KAL Decided not to do.

Adore_One - Getting ANYTHING Done???

Recap All that I had to do this month:
Interweave Knits Bonita Top – Never went back and touched this one. Still wondering...maybe a frogpond victim soon soon enough.
VK Lace Edge Cardigan – Worried about seaming I signed up for a Finishing as if that will help me finish all this knitting - but I am scared to seam so this may be the ticket.
Noni Rather Huge Carpet Bag – SHOULD go in the wash to felt tonight!
Rowan Carolina – Body is done. Did one sleeve and started over. I STILL love this beauty, but the lace is proving difficult.
Funky Soaker for R – DONE
Felted R Hat – Don’t know where I put it!!!
Lace Leaf Pullover – Waiting on needles for the top.
Green Pants for R – FROGGED
Custom Top-down Lace Sweater – STILL swatching out different laces for this one. I have the design and have been reading Barbara Walkers book…
Baby Bolero – Going to seaming class as well. I tried to backstitch the shoulders and they look like hell.
Mohair Rebecca Wrap Cardigan – HAVE NOT TOUCHED :( From my first post, "Started last week as well. I am ½ way thru the sleeves. This should be an easy finish" FAMOUS LAST WORDS!!
Currently on deck:
Mystery Stole – I have the yarn and have swatched. Just letting it wait though as I have so many.
Rowan Calmer Air – Have the yarn have not swatched.
Fiery Bolero – bought the yarn and have swatched…that is all
Beer Sweater – The yarn is bought but have not swatched it yet.
Felted Wavy Edge Hat– The yarn is bought but have not swatched it yet.
Anthropology Caplet – DONE SISTER TRIED ON!!!! WOOHOOO FO! - No seaming on that one ;)
Little R Jeans – Yarn is bought hanging out…
and one not on the list - I made R (oh by the way that is my 1-yr old boy) a vest for a wedding next weekend. I have to REDO the neck because his head is too big, but alas that WILL be another FO - I mean I have a HARD DEADLINE no nekkid kids at the wedding!

So the blue ones I will so be done - WOOHOO I hit my goal of three for the month! I will post pics when I find my freaking camera. In the middle of FO Madness we are moving across 3 states...yes I am nuts ;)

StarzAbove Near-the-end Status Report

* A black shrug for my friend Jill (started December 2005) - FINISHED!!
* My daughter Angel's sweater (started May 2005) - 80% there

* Mystery Stole 2006 - haven't hardly touched

* something soft for Jillian - haven't started
* One Skein Secret Pal item - FINISHED!!
* Sock-A-Month 2 socks for August - barely started

* Last-minute birthday purse for little girl - - FINISHED!!
* Last-minute birthday cupcake for little girl - FINISHED!!

While I won't finish all 4 of the projects left - I have made great strides, especially with how life has been this month, and that makes me happy.

~ StarzAbove

Another One Bites the Dust

I finished this pair of Cascade Fixation socks last night. So here's my updated UFO list:

1. One Skein Secret Pal project (Twitterpated)--Done
2. KSKS kit--Done
3. Baby Bib O' Love--Done
4. Baby Kimono--Done
5. Cascade Fixation ankle socks--Done
6. Think Pink scarf--going to frog and try a new pattern.
7. Jaywalker #2--no progress
8. Shadow Shawl--no progress
9. Clapotis--no progress
10. Stripes are Stars sweater--headed to the frog pond.
With only a few days to go, I'm going to work on the Think Pink scarf. That will leave me with a UFO pile of only three or four. I am so pleased, and I'm grateful for this's been great for me!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fertig, Done, Finite, Fini.....

Finally completed Tilia - was up until about 5 am finishing it. When I get that close on a Saturday night, what's a knitter to do? Missed church this a.m. though. Not good. I also finished the moebius cowl scarf with another yarn, and blocked a large square of pink knitting that was going to be Madison's baby blanket in 2000 and will not be a poncho in '06 for first grade, LOL:). Hey, never let it be said I waste anything:)
Blocked the sweater, scarf and "poncho" this morning. Here are some pics (I hope they come up!).
Sooooo... that leaves me with the following - let's recap from the entry earlier this month:
1) (This is really a repair - don't know if it counts as a UFO, but can't wear it 'til I fix it!) Fix dropped stitch on back of var. red cotton top (Melissa Leapman, Hot Knits) DONE:)
2) Put fringe on scarf DONE:)
3)Frog back to armhole shaping and complete baby cardigan for Ruby
4)Finish sleeves and neck band for Dan's oversized green pullover
5)Complete sleeves, construction and finishing on green Lavold pullover DONE:)
6)Finish second sock of various pink/purple/greens
7)Tilt cardigan from
8)Mosaic cardigan/jacket from Knitter's.
9)Second big grey kneesock.
10)Moebius Cowl Scarf by Cat Bordhi (Knitty Gritty) recently added (shame on me)FROGGED then reDONE:) on other yarn.

I've added two more projects: (11) Started the grey FLAK cardigan (FollowtheLeaderAranKnitalong - ) ; and
(12) a Fair Isle vest I'm designing myself, using elements of other designs, so it's not 100% mine.


Picovoli is basically done - just needs some blocking. I finished off the last few rows of the bottom band and the sleeves.

A close-up of the picot edging on the sleeves.

Without a minute to spare

I finished the Spiral Rib Bag just in time to use at my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. When I arrived home from work at 4:10 I started knitting and at 6:45 was done. It took me 15 minutes to get ready and we hopped in the car and arrived fashionably late (10 minutes). Also finished is another Ballband. These make three done. And if I sew on the button I found for the Cousin It Bag I'll be at four FO's. The end of August deadline will motivate me.

#3 (Louisa Harding tank) Done

82606 004

Not so crazy about this one - I'll post details on my blog but Blogger seems to be flaking out. Has anyone ever gotten a message saying that the archives have run out of space????? I used to actually upload pics instead of using Flickr - maybe that's it? I've only been blogging since the end of May though...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

#7 Done - Rowan Plaid Vest

Ta-da! I'm pretty happy about this one - maybe because I like the guy modeling it (DH Jim.) This is for his uncle Frank for Christmas, who is about the same size as he is. Couldn't get him to show it with a shirt underneath, but oh well!

82606 001

My list

Hi. I'm M-N and I signed up for this knit along a bit back and never got around to posting. On my list of unfinished projects is the baby hat from one skein and socks. I have other UFO's but I haven't decided to finish them because I'm not sure if I like them so far. Help I need some real encouragement.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Socks Finished


I finished these socks today. That makes 5 UFOs complete. I'm having a contest on my blog with these. Check it out.

Two down...

I have still only finished two of my projects on this list. I have cast-on for the French Market Bag, but it won't be done before the end of the month. Picovoli is still sitting in my knitting bag, just a few more rows and it will be done (fingers crossed for this weekend!)I have two projects that are pairs and only have one of the pair to finish - the socks won't be done by the end of the month, but maybe Fetching.

1. Garter-Stitch Blanket (was originally the DB Garter-Stitch blanket, but has been reworked) This has been finished!
2. Picovoli Finished!
3. Road Trip Sock #2
4. French Market Bag
5. Wristlet for swap.This has been finished!
6. Fetching #2

#17 Done!

Rowan Plaid scarf is done!

My Final Tally

Here's my last FO:

These are the lace pillowcase panels. They're not yet blocked, much less sewn in, but it was the lace that was kicking my butt, and thanks to having converted the instructions into a chart, I fought that demon and won, and feel very good about it. Looking forward to sewing them up, but I have to go buy the pillowcases first, and that may take a while.

Here's my final tally for the month, counting frogged projects as "done," in the sense of having been dealt with as needed (same goes for the lace panels, in my mind). That leaves only the afghan still on the needles, but that was unrealistic from the start. I'm enjoying having it on the needles on a semi-permanent basis, for mindless therapy knitting when needed.

1. Brown Fair Isle raglan sweater

2. Felted pillow cases

2. Black ballet sweater. --SENT TO FROG POND.

3. Pink microfiber Rosebud pullover.--SENT TO FROG POND.

4. Lace panels for pillowcases, from Weekend Knitting.

5. Scarf for Hubbster out of Merino/Yak blend.

6. Socks.

7. Knitted panels for skirt -- SENT TO FROG POND.

8. Mason-Dixon Log Cabin sampler afghan.

9. EZ Mystery Mitten.--SENT TO FROG POND.

I'm so happy I did this! I learned a lot from forcing myself to concentrate only on my UFOs this month. I made a new resolution and some rules for myself - details on these and the latest foray into the frog pond on my blog.

*Bite, Chew* repeat until end.

Or in this case...NOT!
I have come to admit defeat on the Sea Silk. There is no way it will be enough yarn. Sob. Do I unravel it right now while disgusted with it and seek another pattern? Do I turn it into a TOAD (trashed object abandoned in disgust)*? Something in the middle? Sigh.

On a brighter note, there will be no blogging next week. VACATION! VACATION! Yay!
I am packing my Clapotis to work on.

*courtesy of Wren Ross.

It's been ADD August for me!

It's August 25, and I do not have any FOs! I have finished some dishcloths and other small gifts that were not on my list, but I haven't done well with all my UFOs. I hope to finish one--I've picked up my bombshell t-shirt and am almost finished with the edging.

I need to join One Step Forward--even with a yarn diet, I have not done well with my UFOs.

Making Progress...

Just wanted to let y'all know - am on the second sleeve of the Elsebeth Lavold's Tilia:
As with most "picture phones," the lighting doesn't do the color justice - there's more yellow in this green making it much brighter, but you get the idea. It looks like this one will fit - who knew?
My goal - finish it by the weekend to have for the fall.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

another one down...

one to the frog pond and another awaiting major surgery.
I have managed to wipe three things of my UFO list today but not all are finished.
Firstly, I finished the Cherry Tree Hill Supersocks.

Pattern: Cherry Tree Hill Ribbed Supersock
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Northern Lights
Needles: Brittany Birch 2.75mm dpn's
Modification: None

I love these socks and can't wait to find a pattern for the other skein I have.

Secondly, I gave up on the bag, I just couldn't cope with all that stocking stith. I've decided to frog it and use the yarn to make socks.

Thirdly, I finished the two halves of the scarf and when I grafted them together one of the sides was the wron way round - my fault should have left it until morning when I would have been more alert. This is on temporary hold until I can be patient enough to fix.

I have cast on the second sock of my last UFO so fingers crossed it will be finished by next week. I wasn't going to cast on any new projects until Sept but as I had been so good I cast on Rosalind last night.

Another One Down!


I've finished my Leaf Lace Scarf. More photos and specs on my blog.

Ready for Seaming

Yeah! The pieces are done. I finished up two WIPs before finally sitting done with this sweater and making some progress. For the past 3 days it has been nothing but knitting this baby. I've been working on the top half of the front and back section by section. I was a bit of a panic when I saw I just had 2 balls of yarn left. Yikes. I ripped out the swatches and got them all set as my emergency supply. It was a good thing I did. The last inch or so on the back is the swatch yarn.
I am so happy to be getting this sweater done. Today will be spent seaming and finishing the neck band. Oh and the yarn is Schoeller Stahl Big in Navy. Not very soft at the moment. I'm hoping washing will soften it up.
The socks I've been ignoring will be up next. I've ripped and started and ripped again since the beginning of August. I've finally decided on a pattern and the current number of stitches for a snug fit.

Three Down...One to Go!!

Last weekend I finished Samus, except for the zipper. I'll have to find one that I like & put it in, soon.

Then, I finished Cables & Lace this last Monday.

Add these FOs to the finished (& already gifted) Trellis & I have 3 done!! I never thought I'd get this much done in so little time.

This week I've been working on Icarus. I am about half way through chart 2 (of 4). Its at the point where I feel like it takes forever to get through 1 row, but since I've started the second lace pattern, it is still holding my interest, but I'm dying to start something new!!