Friday, September 01, 2006


Hey all!

Let me tell you all how fantastic it was to see many finished projects on this blog. Congratulations to everyone!

I personally had two UFOs to finish in August, but I only finished one. I'm very happy about it though. It's the Mariah cardigan from Knitty. I have a bad pic of it (without the zipper) on my blog. It now has a zipper but I won't have my camera for another week so I can't post a better pic right now.

As for my future projects, I have many. The one I'm most eager to start is a very simple cardigan from the Fall 2004 issue of Family Circle Easy Knitting. I'm hoping my order from Knitpicks will get here today.

Hmm ok, you won't believe this, but as I was typing that last sentence, the postman rang. I got my package! :) I'll be casting on for this new project today!


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