Friday, September 01, 2006

UFOs - 6, WIPS - 1, Me - 0

Instead of UFO August, it was more of a Cast-On August. I finished five projects (except for the blocking!). I also started all five this month, instead of working on things I was supposed to work on. I got involved in too many a-longs and swaps.

Final list:

1. Mohair Sweater -Technically done, but I need to frog and re-do some of it. Has not yet happened.

2. "It's a Secret #2" - Needs the missing yarn to be complete. Yarn is still missing.

3. "It's a Secret #3" - Done, except for about 15 minutes of seaming and embellishing. Oh well.

4. Mug Rug/Trivet - I actually made a Mug Rug and a Trivet from my handspun. There was more than I thought. No blocking happened this month, so these are not technically done, as they are not yet blocked. The Mug Rug really doesn't need to be blocked, but the Trivet (I guess that's what it technically is) definitely does!

5. Autumn Gloves - Not yet frogged, but I do believe that they will be Knucks. Can't be 100% sure what they're going to be until they're done!

6. Autumn Scarf - Still not touched, as the gloves need to be finished first. Oh well!

Right now, I want to finish my Hederas, which were supposed to be done last night. As it was my last night in my current locale before I head off to college again, I did not get any knitting time in. Congrats to all who have actually made some progress in their UFOs!


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