Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Updated UFO List

I made a mistake and edited my old post (saving the changes) rather than copying and pasting.

Here's my progress: no new finished objects yet but I updated #12 (yellow/orange Rowan Cork garter ridge sweater) and #14 (Noro Silk Garden V neck). I have all the pieces knitted for both now - here's the new pics.

This one I think will turn out fine, as now I bought the brown suede cording to lace through the front eyelets. I haven't grafted together garter stitch before, so I'll have to re-view Leslye Solomon's Sweater Finishing DVD first.
81906 001

81906 002

This one looks crazy right now, because of the odd construction (more grafting garter stitch - can you tell that a year ago when I started these projects I liked garter stitch?!) but it should be OK eventually. I didn't bind off the stitches for each piece b/c I thought the grafting would be easier off needles than trying to do it with two bound off pieces.

Here's what it currently looks like (scary and in dire need of blocking!)
81906 003

And here's what it's supposed to look like when it's done.


Can I just say that I hate when they obviously use twice as many skeins to pull out just the colors that they like for the model sweater? (Or maybe, their skeins didn't have the same colors I did in my dyelot of that shade.) Anyway, all the pieces are knitted.

I hope to get a lot done today as Jim is currently playing golf at his usual Saturday morning tee time and we don't have anything planned until dinner at Morton's tonight. Ahhh - unscheduled time!

Here's the updated list:

1. Finish side seams on Linen Print raglan pullover

2. Fetching fingerless gloves - pick up thumbs off waste yarn and finish

3. Pick up around armholes second armhole & sew Louisa Harding tank

4. CeCe in Calmer (coral shade) - last sleeve

5. Plymouth Napa ballet pullover from Interweave Knits back issue - finish

6. Noah's v-neck Yarn Girls "Mikey Liked It" pullover - finish
sleeves and

7. Frank's Rowan Plaid vest - pick up neck and armholes and do shoulder
side seams

8. Vicki's Jaeger Natural Fleece vest from JB38- pick up neck and
armholes and do shoulder seams

9. Mia's Yarn Girls Victoria dress - do edging and sew together last
side seam

10. sew fuschia Cork baby sweater

11. sew strap onto Malabrigo felted purse

12. yellow/orange cork garter ridge sweater from Rowan Cork Collection – reknit
back neck,

13. Greek Pullover from Interweave Knits – seam

14. Noro V-neck – finish last sleeve and seam together

15. Jaeger Natural Fleece V-neck with "fur" trimmed sleeves from JB
38 – pick up neck, seam

16. Green Gable in Brown Sheep Lilac Haze - almost at armholes (top down) – will be visiting the frog pond b/c of sizing
issues – joining KAL to get ideas on fixing

17. "seashell" Rowan Plaid cabled scarf – about 2 feet long now

18. Bob's Big Wool basketweave cardigan from Men in Knits - almost done with
back armholes, need to do left & right front, sleeves

19. Debbie Bliss lace/bobble jacket - finish back

20. Silky Wool Margery sweater (working on back)


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Replace the {} with <>, but here's the html coding for it:

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Slightly easier than going back and forth in Word!

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Blogger The Purloined Letter said...

What great progress you've made! Keep it up!

11:59 AM  
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You can also shorten {strike} down to just {s} if you're feeling lazy. {del} works too. ;)

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Thank you all for your help with the HTML! I sincerely appreciate it!

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